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Prehistoric Tumuli of Steno at Nydri

The prehistoric cemetery of Steno at Nidri is the most important archaeological site of Lefkada and a significant monument of the Prehistoric Period. The 33 tumuli brought to light by W. Dorpfeldin the early 20th century, are the first tumuli in the territory of Greece and form a specialburial set dating from the Early Bronze Age(2900 B.C. - 2200 B.C.), that provides information about the prehistoric communities in which it belongs. The choice of tumulus as a burial site and the way the cemetery was designed –each tumulus partly intersecting the previous showing the chronological order–are evidence of a high level of social organization. At the same time, burial customs and grave offerings (kterismata) bear testimony to the existence of an elite population that had the financial and social means to create a separate cemetery for its members, the organization and construction of which required time, human resources and expertise.

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